IMS is an independent investment brokerage started by Brian Goodall in 1985. We specialise in investments and retirement planning.At IMS we focus on what is considered to be the most important needs of our Investors, that being the expertise of our advisors, ensuring we take a great deal of care in identifying our clients' needs to develop the basic tenets of a relationship based on trust, discretion and attentiveness.These core beliefs have enabled us to grow the practice over 30 fold since its inception.IMS helps clients achieve their financial goals at a level of risk which is appropriate to their needs.We believe that to be successful we must create value for you! Clients are an essential asset.We believe that you come to us to help you find a solution to your financial problems.


We obtain detailed information about a client's present financial situation and their future goals and objectives. We analyse this information in a logical and easy to understand way. We develop a strategy that will meet their objectives. We recommend how clients should allocate their assets between different asset classes (Bonds, Equities, Property and Cash), investment styles and geographical regions so that they can achieve their financial goals at a level of risk they are comfortable with. IMS monitors the agreed investment plan and if necessary recommends changes so that the client's objectives continue to be met. IMS reports back on a regular basis to the client.IMS considers the implications of tax, estate duty and income requirements when recommending an investment portfolio.


  • Achieve your financial objective, taking into account the degree of risk you are prepared to accept.
  • Do accurate tax calculations in order to advise you on how to maximize your after tax return.
  • Regularly review your investments and insurance so as to determine any actual or potential problem areas and to advise you accordingly.
  • Provide you with regular reports, which set out the details of your investments and any transactions that have taken place on the investments.
  • Develop a close personal relationship with you while continuing to render a professional service.
  • React speedily to your queries, i.e. within 24 hours.